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We carry many lines of tanning lotions. We sell all these at a discount because we don't believe you should have to overpay.

*Supre                                    *OPI

*Australian Gold               *Emerald Bay

*Hempz *Sunlicious 

*California Tan                       *Millennium                            

Bella Grace Tanning Salon LLC also has jewelry, clothing, purses, sunglasses and other exciting gifts.

Check out the T-Shirts (UGLY Wear and Reebok).

Great for a cruise, vacation, or fun in the sun. Check 'em out!!!

TANNING SALON TIP:Your body makes use of many ingredients in addition to UV-light to produce a tan. Indoor tanning accelerators are designed to provide you with a balanced amount of these essential ingredients to achieve a better tan. Many advanced products also contain skin care components that help reverse the damaging effects of UV light and improve the condition of your skin.