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Tanning Equipment

The beds/booths at Bella Grace Tanning Salon are the finest anywhere.

Our equipment is all VHR (very highly refective) and HP (high pressure).

So you can try all the equipment at Bella Grace, stop in and try our
NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL FOR $35 + tan tax (a $70 value).

Be tan in as little as three sessions.

(Remember - Bella Grace Tanning Salon will be collecting the 10% Federal Tan Tax on all tanning packages)

If you have never tried GREAT tanning beds/booths, come check out Bella Grace Tanning Salon LLC.

If VHR or HP equipment is what you love, YOU WILL LOVE Bella Grace.

And to top it all off, all of the tanning equipment at Bella Grace Tanning Salon is made in the USA.

For added comfort and circulation, change positions slightly by moving around a bit while lying down. Areas with impaired circulation will cause little or no tanning to occur.